Quob Park Solutions is driving digital disruption of traditional supply chains to optimise costs, generate savings and increase returns

Our portfolio of innovative technology solutions combined with industry thought leadership and unique delivery approach is helping our global clients to undertake mission critical business transformation to meet ever changing market dynamics.

Building on this success, Quob Park Solutions continues to develop and expand its solution portfolio across industry verticals including telecoms and health care and also extend its reach further into international markets.

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Quob Park Telecoms provides world-class service management solutions designed for the communications industry

Digital disruption is driving customer demands for increased levels of speed, coverage and reliability of communication services to support an ever-growing number of connected devices. To meet these demands and to remain competitive and profitable.

Communications Service Providers need to urgently deploy new operating models, processes and tools that will enhance their service management operations to be more efficient, effective and agile.

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Quob Park Health delivers industry leading connected health management solutions designed for the healthcare industry and associated participants

Our innovative QPH Frameworks software provides a comprehensive suite of connected solutions for the healthcare industry, an industry where a continuing shortage of professional careers and doctors equals a loss of quality for patient care.

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Solution Implementation Services

Prime contract delivery and OS³ Frameworks specialist services to partners.


OS³ Frameworks

Service Management suite designed for Communication Service Provider operations.

QPH Frameworks

QPH Frameworks

Modular Health Management suite for multiple industry applicants.

We congratulate Quob Park Solutions for their successful Frameworx Conformance Certification. Adoption of TM Forum’s Frameworx shows Quob Park Solutions’ commitment to providing service providers with standards-based solutions that reduce the cost of procurement, as well as the total cost of system ownership.

George Greenlee

SVP Service Provider Engagement, TM Forum

Frameworx Conformance reflects commitment to standards, and reassures customers that are seeking cost-effective and flexible solutions. The inclusion of OS3 Frameworks into the BMC Software solutions portfolio is further evidence of the growing interest and recognition of the value of Frameworx in the global communication service provider marketplace. Nik Willetts

Chief Strategy Officer, TM Forum